The Pros and Cons on Sewing 56 Baby Pants

The Pros and Cons on Sewing 56 Baby Pants

Tiny Biscuits babypants by Sewingridd

Last year I have been working on a huge sewing project! It all started when Inge, the owner of Tiny Biscuits asked me to make a batch of baby pants. Tiny Bisuits is a Dutch webshop that sells all kinds of super cute baby stuff and some home decoration and postcards. She also wanted to start selling baby clothes, and there I came in.

The aim was to make nine sizes in three colours, times two copies. While I knew how to calculate the number of pants that would be, I did not fully understand what I agreed to. I had never done anything like this before but decided to give it a go!

Tiny Biscuits babypants by Sewingridd
Step 1: Preparing the patterns

Together we brainstormed on what fabrics and prints would be nice to use. She collected the supplies for me and then I got to work. From there the project took off, but at first at a fairly slow pace… This was mainly because I had only time to sew  about two nights a week. But when I bought my car, on a time point later in the process, I finally unlocked the ability to also work on the baby pants during the weekends. Now I could take my serger along to my parents house which fastened up the process.

Tiny Biscuits babypants by Sewingridd
Step 2: Fabric cutting until blisters show up

One thing I learnt from making such a large party of clothing, is to first make test versions to check the fit of the pattern you’re using. Ours turned out to be too wide, but we found out about that not until almost half of the pants were finished. These had to be adjusted which costed extra time. Sounds like a logical thing to do right? Well, apparently we forgot, haha.

Tiny Biscuits babypants by Sewingridd
Step 3: Sew, sew, sew it up!

In the end the result luckily turned out to be super cute. I really like the pants, especially the smallest sizes! The hedgehog is my personal favourite print and colour. The thing I did not like though, was that during this project I barely had time to sew other things. That’s also something to consider before starting such project. On the other hand I learnt to speed up my sewing, and got to know my serger better. On top of that I also got a nice pay check!

Tiny Biscuits babypants by Sewingridd

Finally I have all those cute pictures and a special experience to look back on! Have you ever done something like this? Would you consider making a batch of clothes? What are your pros and cons?

Tiny Biscuits babypants by Sewingridd Tiny Biscuits babypants by Sewingridd

2 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons on Sewing 56 Baby Pants

  1. I love those prints and the pictures are really cute!
    I have a thing for baby clothes, since they always look so adorable. Finally the first friends of mine start having babys, so I started sewing baby clothes. I think it is a fun thing to do and I like how “simple” it is. But I never sew them as a batch.
    Closest to making a batch was around Christmas time, when I decided to make six hoodies (3 as presents within the family and 3 for my uni Moot team). While I liked that with each hoody I became way faster, I really really hated the first part where I had to cut the pattern so often… I even questioned myself for choosing a hoody because of all the single parts of the pattern. In the end I probably spent more time for preparing than sewing. Looking back at it, I would probably only do a batch of clothes with a really simple (=not many pieces) pattern 😀 … Maybe one day a batch of babyclothes for “myself”^^

    1. That would have been a lot of work too indeed! And for me the cutting part was also the worst because it hurt my hands😅

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