Fake jumpsuit gone wrong

Fake jumpsuit gone wrong


Top KM1807-2015 by Sewingridd

Imagine… At the moment I’m writing this I’m at a campsite in France, using my phone with a keyboard attached to it. I’m wearing my newest handmade item: this blushing cross-over top. Today we went sightseeing in a small town nearby, and meanwhile took some pictures of my top. This top was actually meant to be half of a fake (two part) jumpsuit. It still is, but I don’t think I’ll ever wear it as a jumpsuit, haha. Here’s why.

Top KM1807-2015 by Sewingridd
Cute small chapel

It all started with me liking jumpsuits. I’ve always liked jumpsuits, they are often super cute and I like the look. But to me they are just not practical at all. You have to completely undress yourself when visiting the restroom for example, and often the seat height is too short (because otherwise it looks saggy when standing up) so sitting down is uncomfortable. On top of that I often don’t like the way they look on me/make me look, since often there’s too much forward volume around the stomach. Well, because of all of that is why I love the idea of a fake jumpsuit. You just wear a separate pants and top, but they’re in the same fabric and look like a onepiece.

Top KM1807-2015 by Sewingridd

So indeed, I decided to make my own fake jumpsuit. I first started with the bottoms because I was sure what pattern I wanted to use: the Barton Shorts by Blank Slate Patterns. I did a full blog on these on Melly Sews’ blog.

Barton shorts by Sewingridd
Barton Shorts

For the top I used pattern 18 from Knipmode juli 2015. It is a wide, blushing top that crosses over at the center front. At first I was not sure what type of top I wanted to use, but this one ticked the boxes ‘elastic hipline’ and ‘cross-over’ so I used it. I made size 38 straight, but lengthened the front and back 5 cm, because I was afraid it would turn out too short otherwise. The pattern also requested for a fully faced garment, but I cut every pattern piece just once instead of twice and hemmed all edges.

Top KM1807-2015 by Sewingridd

As you may or may not agree with me, the jumpsuit thing was a nice idea, but did not turn out too well. I think the combination of the top and bottoms makes my belly look more voluminous than necessary. A quite known problem to me, but I had not foreseen it because tops with an elastic hipline mostly do look good on me. Maybe the effect it’s enhanced by the way I used this border print. If I had used it upside down on the top, the transition and stomach might have been less striking. Another factor might be the lengthening I did, causing extra volume.

Fake jumpsuit gone wrong by Sewingridd

Even though, the two parts separately I do like! Especially the Barton shorts feel super nice to wear. The only disadvantage I found out about, is that they wrinkle a lot, so I need to iron them regularly (which is not really sensible on a campsite, haha). The top still makes me feel a little self-conscious, but combined with white shorts I think I like it. Maybe it’ll also turn out nice for layering in the colder seasons.

Top KM1807-2015 by Sewingridd

So I learnt my lesson: don’t skip checking how a border print will appear on your tended garment (I always do this using a complicated program resembling Photoshop). And maybe, just maybe, the jumpsuit is just not for me. Still, I cannot complain because I have 1,5 nice new items in my wardrobe!

Have you ever made something that turned out completely different than you expected? How do you try to prevent that?

Top KM1807-2015 by Sewingridd

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The Barton Shorts pattern was kindly provided by Blank Slate Patterns free of charge as part of their Sewing Team. Additionally this post contains affiliate links which means that if you purchase from one of my links I may get a small commission. Naturally, all opinions are my own.

5 thoughts on “Fake jumpsuit gone wrong

  1. Hi! This is the first time I’ve read your blog! Thanks for adding me. 🙂

    That is great fabric and I love what you made with it. I saw your Barton Shorts on Melly’s post last month. I, too, am not a fan of the fit and mechanics of jumpsuits so your idea of two pieces appeals to me very much. To me, your top looks lovely but, as we all know, if it just doesn’t feel right, it’s less likely to be worn. With the added length, and because you’re already not likely to wear the top with the shorts as first intended, you might try transforming it onto a sort of tunic/tank top look by removing the elastic. This may smooth the poofiness that seems to be bothering you.

    Until next time-

    1. Hi Marylou, welcome and thank you! Removing the elastic indeed be a good idea! Might work better for this one, maybe I’ll try that!

  2. My fake jumpsuit a few years ago didn’t work either, I think it was because of the cross-over part.
    Now I made two Playsuits I really like to wear especially last hot summer.
    I like the colors on you of this one and indeed the two separate parts are better

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