I conquered my fears! – Skye Joggers

I conquered my fears! – Skye Joggers

Skye Joggers by Sewingridd

I have some good news today: I conquered one of my biggest fears! The fear of making pants. After two not too well experiences with making pants it was about time for success. Third time’s a charm they say and indeed: it totally worked out just right this time.

It all started with Blank Slate Patterns calling for sewing pattern testers. I never tested a pattern before but am always open to new experiences. The pattern to be tested were joggers. A while ago I already concluded that I was in need of new ‘chill pants’ since my current pair are reeaaally emaciated, worn out, and at least 5 years old, haha. So I decided to sign up and jump right in.

Skye Joggers by Sewingridd

The pattern is designed for calf and ankle length joggers with an elastic waistband and optional drawstring. The pants are slim fitting with just the right amount of ease. I made the ankle length and especially like the ankle cuffs since they prevent shifting and wind blowing in.

Skye Joggers by Sewingridd

To test the pattern I first made a muslin. I made size M but widened it at the tighs according to the sizing information. While making the final version I found out that I also needed a little more space at the calfs so there I laid out the seam allowances for about 1 cm.

The back fitted good right away. But in the front crotch line there was a little too much space for me causing weird wrinkling. This is probably the same problem I had in the other pants I had sewn but back then I had no clue how to solve or even pinpoint the flaws. Now, I could use the clear instructions provided with the pattern and I even got some personal help! Once I had implemented the proposed alteration into my muslin it fitted soo much better. I was completely blown away! (Indeed there are wrinkles in the second photo too but I think these shadows are caused mainly by the light coming from straght above).

Skye Joggers by Sewingridd Skye Joggers by Sewingridd Skye Joggers by Sewingridd

Before and post alteration

I adjusted the paper pattern to my personal fit and cut my final fabric. This fabric I got in a goody bag after the Knipster sewing competition. It was in my stash waiting for a suiting project for almost a year. For the waistband and cuffs I used thin T-shirt tricot which maybe was not the best option but worked. I liked the contrast between the solid and the dotted fabric.

Skye Joggers by Sewingridd

After this one positive experience with sewing and personalizing pants I am really excited to make more of them! I even can’t wait to try and sew jeans for myself. I hope I can make time for that soon! For now I’ll just enjoy the magic of pants fitting your personal body like a glove. Thanks for the trust and support Melissa and Susan! You gained me a lot of confidence and a super nice pair of joggers!

>>The giveaway that was previously in this post has ended<<

Skye Joggers by Sewingridd

Photographed by Wilco Born

The Skye Joggers pattern was kindly provided by Blank Slate Patterns free of charge as part of their Sewing Team. Naturally, all opinions are my own. Additionally this post contains affiliate links which means that if you purchase from one of my links I may get a small commission.

15 thoughts on “I conquered my fears! – Skye Joggers

  1. Great job. You 3ncourage me to try and make my first pair of trousers, I have the fear too ha ha. I’d happily try the sora top too mind. X

  2. I’ve only ever made one pair of trousers before, and they weren’t overly successful (I ended up with some weird lumps in the seam allowance in awkward places!), but your Skye joggers are making me strongly consider trying that pattern!

  3. They look so nice and comfortable! I never tried any form of trousers before but would love to try. But as the Sora pattern is also so beautiful I don´t even know what I would love to do (first). Guess I need to wait and see wether I am lucky and what fate decides for me 😛
    Ik kijk uit naar meer van je leuke blog!

  4. Both patterns look great, but I would love to have a copy of the Sora Sweater because I just know both my daughters would love to have a few of those too!

  5. i’m trying for the sora sweater. i love both looks and already have plans for next winter. i like that models of all sizes and shapes are shown giving me a better idea of what i’ll look like when i win. so far that approach hasn’t worked 🙁 . i also appreciate the inclusive size range. i’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  6. You completely inspire me to make the Skye Joggers! Thanks for sharing your journey on making these. I would be tickled to win this pattern! Thanks for the opportunity to enter ☺

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