Crafting my Sinterklaas Sweater

Crafting my Sinterklaas Sweater

Here in The Netherlands on 5 December (and the three weeks before) we celebrate ”Sinterklaas”. This is a festivity mainly for kids, but in my family (amongst many others) we love it too. Every year we buy presents for one other family member, craft something appropriate for that person to stuff the present in, and write a poem. It’s kinda hard to explain well, it mostly resembles Secret Santa. Point is: I updated my Christmas sweater to also suit ”Sinterklaas”. That way I prolonged the holiday season for this sweater!;)

I’m sorry, the details on how I made this are not available in English (didn’t think you would like to make a Sinterklaas sweater yourselves) but here you can view the Dutch version!

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